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Bare Minimum


Monthly growth updates and environmental reports

There’s a lack of solid, quantitative growth records, creating cultivation myths and discouraging growers from pursuing certain plants. As a result, every month or so, I update this site with growth rates and the conditions that my plants grew under. I’ve also partnered up with nurseries to provide a general idea of what sorts of conditions are most optimal for plant growth. All current and past growth data is kept here.


Monthly highlights on specific individuals or species

Every week or so, I focus on specific plants that have caught my interest and provide some detailed information on their growth and preferences, based on personal experience. Growing is a bit easier when you know what sort of conditions your plants will enjoy the most!


Testing the limits of cultivation myths

It’s without a doubt that some plants have extremely specific care requirements. It can also be said that the cultivation requirements of some species have been vastly exaggerated. Bare Minimum was created to test the limits of some cultivation myths. I will be attempting to grow plants in subpar conditions, recording their growth and determining whether or not they can be grown successfully at the limits of their environmental ranges.


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