Version 1

This is an introduction to the first part of my Terrarium project, a more detailed building process post will be available later. Part 1 focuses on maintaining an environment that can successfully cultivate Nepenthes from high-altitudinal, montane climates, or in short, highland Nepenthes. Due to their somewhat similar climate requirements, Heliamphora can also be grown in this enclosure, given that changes are made to temperatures, light levels, and humidity. Building the terrarium took the better portion of the 2021 summer, starting in June and ending in mid-September, with around 35 hours spent weekly; I do have to note that there was a lot of prerequisite information that I had to learn, namely C++, Arduino, soldering, 3D design, 3D printing, a bit about electricity, electronic terminology and other general knowledge concerning electronics, like wiring, etc. The finished first iteration has effective humidity control, light control, and limited temperature control. Due to several mistakes made while assembling, designing, and planning the prototype, I would like to make it clear that temperature control is still not effective enough to produce a cooling effect that can support Highland nepenthes. This is something I am currently working on, and in the second iteration, there should be significant changes to the temperature control system, including the ability to also heat. Powering the system requires a USB-A connector for the Arduino and a 5V 8A power supply to power the rest of the system.