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Nepenthes villosa x veitchii

  Individual Highlight: Nepenthes villosa x veitchii   Description Nepenthes villosa x veitchii is a relatively new hybrid from BE. BE used its BE-3225 female and a particularly red, squat, and striped veitchii from its 3734 grex. In general, it seems to be a perfect amalgamation of its parents, with some individuals leaning towards the…

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Nepenthes x harryana

  Nepenthes x harryana Natural Hybrid between Nepenthes villosa and edwardsiana Description: Nepenthes x harryana is a relatively rare natural hybrid between the species, Nepenthes villosa, and edwardsiana. It behaves as an intermediate between the two, with the same pronounced teething but a less elongated shape. The peristome retains the fangs but is highly variable,…

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Background Post: 1/9/21

2020-2021 8/20/20-10/20/20 Growlist: Heliamphora minor(NE Clone) Heliamphora minor(“Burgundy Black”)(AW Clone)    Arrival Date/Height Heliamphora minor(NE Clone): 0.5 inches July 2020 Heliamphora minor(“BB”): 0.75 inches January 2021 Current Diameter/Height Heliamphora minor(NE Clone):  Height: 1 inch Diameter: 2.5 inches Heliamphora minor(“BB”): Height: 0.75 inches Diameter: 1 inch Pictures          Heliamphora minor(NE):        …

Data | Nepenthes

Update: 12/20/20-1/9/21

Update: 1/9/21   New Additions   Nepenthes villosa x veitchii (SG): Arrived: January 9 2021 Size: 1.5 inches Nepenthes peltata (NE Clone): Arrived:  January 9 2021 Size: 1 inch 12/20-1/9/21  : Highland 70ºF-45ºF Conditions: Mainly ultra-highland. Humidity at around 95%, temperatures remain consistent.